Biological Extractions

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biological extractions Grand Rapids mi

A biological extraction differs from a simple extraction in a multitude of ways. In a biological extraction, we remove the periodontal ligament that can be filled with inflammation and bacteria. By removing the PDL and bacteria associated with it, the patient’s body is put into a position that enables proper healing.

Once the area is cleaned out, we disinfect and debride with four different medicaments to reduce the risk of postoperative infections. We also utilize PRF (platelet rich fibrin), a clot that is made from the patient’s own blood, that is rich in white blood cells and growth factors. The white blood cells and growth factors have an immense impact on healing time, regeneration, post-operative pain, and reduced chance of postoperative infections.

Along with PRF, we offer and highly recommend supplementation to anyone going through a biological extraction procedure. It’s imperative to the healing process that your body has the nutrients needed to heal and rebuild substantial structure.