CEREC® Same-Day Crowns

Grand Rapids Restorative Dentists

CEREC Same Day Crowns Dentist Grand RapidsWhile it used to take a couple of weeks to have a dental crown made in an off-site lab, our Grand Rapids dentists use CEREC® same-day technology so the dental crown procedure only takes one visit.

This saves you the hassle of having to deal with a temporary crown while you’re waiting for the permanent crown to be made. Instead of the final product being created over the course of several days or weeks, our dentists can dramatically speed up the process.

Here’s what you need to know about CEREC same-day crowns.

Why Choose CEREC Same-Day Crowns?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. This sounds like a mouthful but refers to the system that uses computer-aided design and manufacturing to create materials for dental restoration.

During your appointment with us, our dentists will use a handheld device to take digital dental impressions. In the past, impressions required having to have a tray of pink goop inserted into your mouth but not anymore. No goop, no gagging, no mess!

Once our dentists have enough pictures of your teeth, we will start to create your dental restoration using a special computer program right in front of your eyes. When the design is complete, our dentists will send it to a milling machine that creates dental crowns from a very strong ceramic material right in our office.

CEREC Crown Benefits

Compared to some traditional crown options, CEREC crowns are:

  • Metal-free
  • Naturally beautiful and match your existing tooth enamel
  • Strong, durable, and long-lasting
  • Ready for placement the same day they are created in-office

Our dental crown procedure only takes one visit!

CEREC same-day crowns make it possible for you to go home with a new dental crown in one appointment which is convenient for people with busy schedules.

Have Your Smile Restored in One Visit

Our dentists in Grand Rapids, MI, can give your damaged or vulnerable tooth the strength it needs with a same-day CEREC crown. If you’re interested in learning more about this procedure and our in-office technology, please call Precision Family Dental today at (616) 949-1570 or contact us online.

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