Laughing Gas Sedation

Grand Rapids Sedation Dentist

Laughing Gas Sedation Dentist Grand RapidsLaughing gas sedation, also known as inhalation sedation or laughing gas, is a mild sedative that helps patients with low to moderate dental fear calm down during dental procedures.

Laughing gas is a non-irritating gas that is safe for children and adults alike.

When the laughing Gas is administered by our Grand Rapids dentist at Precision Family Dental, patients will feel more relaxed and possibly even giddy.

Inhalation Sedation Procedure

At first, 100% oxygen is administered through the nose. Eventually, the dentist gradually releases the laughing gas in combination with the oxygen. Laughing gas sedation works very quickly compared to other sedation methods. It reaches the brain in 20 seconds, and the full effects should be felt within a few minutes. You remain conscious during the dental procedure, and are able to cooperate with your dentist.

Dental laughing gas helps you relax in the dentist’s chair!

Depending on the level of laughing gas administered, you may respond slowly and slur your words while trying to communicate. Though you are awake and responsive during the procedure, most patients don’t remember anything due to the amnesiac properties of laughing gas. Because it’s unlikely for you to remember what happened during the procedure, your fear of your next appointment is greatly reduced.

Benefits of Dental Laughing Gas

It is important to see your Grand Rapids dentist for a teeth cleaning and oral examination every six months. However, this can be difficult if you have a dental phobia. Dental laughing gas helps you relax in the dentist’s chair so you can get the dental care you need to maintain a beautiful healthy smile. The effects of dental laughing gas wear off as soon as we remove the mask, which means you’ll be able to drive yourself home. During the dental treatments, you will be awake and responsive, yet relaxed.

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