Saying Thank You Has Never Been Easier!

Freedom Day USA


October 13, 2022


It is a day where businesses across our nation will join together to show their appreciation to the members of our armed services and their immediate families, and our Veterans, by providing a Day of Free.

The idea is for each business to provide FREE services, goods, products, a meal, etc… as a way to honor the sacrifices, service and FREEDOM which these men and women have provided to us.

Imagine missing out on the most important things in your life:

  • Your Child’s First Steps
  • Their First Words
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • The Birth of Your Child
  • Your family missing you during holidays, vacations and outings.
  • Your children wondering where you are during their ball game or dance recital.

Active Duty means our soldiers miss out on family and friends. It also means their family is missing a key member, for the big events and even the smaller ones. They do it gladly, with honor and pride, they do it for us!

Let’s Give Back, Say Thank You, and give them a DAY OF FREE!

Freedom Day USA

This national event was founded by Dr. Robert Martino, owner of Wilson Martino Dental, West Virginia’s largest dental organization; and built upon by the members of The Platinum Circle, a group of elite dentists who practice throughout our country.

Freedom Day USA

Freedom Day USA has gained the support of Jon Runyan, a US Congressman from NJ, who serves on the House Armed Services Committee and the Committee on Veteran Affairs. Congressman Runyan has stated he loves the idea of A Freedom Day.

Freedom Day USA

“Watching your spouse walk away to go to a combat zone is the most heart wrenching and stressful moment that one can endure.” – Eve Lavendier, Army Wife.

If you or anyone you know is a member of our armed services and their immediate families, or a Veteran, call us to get more info at (616) 207-1280! providing a Day of Free.