Inflammation Management

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inflamation management Grand Rapids mi

Chronic inflammation in the body leads to chronic disease. A great deal of inflammation can come from the bacteria in your mouth, causing problems in your gums. It can also circulate through the body, causing systemic inflammation.

As an adult, we have approximately 1.5 gallons of blood circulating throughout our body. This blood is recirculated constantly. Any inflammatory mediators found in the mouth travel throughout the entire body. To help lower the inflammation coming from your mouth and in the rest of your body, it’s important to address any infection in the mouth, including both periodontal disease and tooth infections.

We utilize ozone gas and oils to aid in killing bacteria, fungus, and virus, therefore reducing inflammation in the mouth and body. Ozone not only kills the organisms responsible for causing the inflammation, but also helps to kick-start the immune and healing processes in the body!

Another huge factor that comes into play when trying to reduce inflammation in the mouth and body is to ensure that your body has all of the essential nutrients needed to not only help your body clear the organisms but to heal as well. We offer and recommend supplementation to support your body’s immune system and reduce inflammation.