Are Dental Sealants Worth It?

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Are Dental Sealants Worth It?

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Regularly brushing and flossing your teeth can keep them clean for the most part but sometimes it’s just not enough. Believe it or not, cavities can form for some individuals despite avid brushing. But why?

The answer can be found in your back teeth, or molars. Those teeth often contain several fine grooves or pits that are so narrow that even the bristle of a toothbrush can not get inside to adequately clean. This poses an issue for your oral health.

Don’t worry, however, as our preventive dentist in Grand Rapids, MI, can apply dental sealants to your teeth so they are protected from cavity formation for years to come. Dental sealants are worth having as either a child or adult if you want teeth to remain free from decay.

In this blog, we will explain what sealants are, the protection they offer, and what to expect during the procedure.

Sealants Defined

Dental sealants are thin coatings that can be painted or brushed onto the chewing surface of your molars as a preventive measure. They act as a type of protective shield for your teeth in that they fill in the narrow grooves located on molars so plaque and food particles can’t accumulate inside.

If not cared for, these little grooves and pits can develop into cavities over time. Sealants are built to stop cavities from forming in the first place and can even prevent early stages of decay from manifesting into a fully realized cavity.

Our dentist may recommend sealants to you if he notices that your tooth’s structure is prone to decay.

Long-Lasting Protection

After they are applied to your teeth, dental sealants are able to do their job for up to 10 years if proper oral hygiene is maintained. If a sealant somehow falls off, they can be checked by our dentist and reapplied at your next checkup appointment.

Having sealants painted directly onto your teeth not only prevents cavities from forming, but they are much less expensive than fillings.

What to Expect for the Procedure

Sealants are quick and painless to apply. The entire process takes only one visit to our Grand Rapids office and there is no recovery required.

Our dentist will start by preparing your molar(s) for the application of the sealant coating. To do this, he will clean and dry the tooth before using an acid solution to roughen the chewing surface. This is necessary as it allows the sealant to form a strong connection to your tooth.

Once this is done, our dentist will paint on the sealant so it can bond and harden properly. Before you know it the sealant has been applied fully and you’re ready to go. Remember that even with dental sealants, it is still important to brush and floss regularly.

Fight Cavities

Keep your teeth healthy and prevent the possibility of cavities developing with dental sealants. Our Grand Rapids, MI, preventive dentist can apply the necessary coating during a quick, painless, in-office procedure.

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