Why Composite Resin Fillings Are Better

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Why Composite Resin Fillings Are Better

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When you think of dental fillings, you probably think of the type that comes in either gold or silver. Those are known as dental amalgam fillings and they are the more traditional option.

Often referred to as “silver-colored” fillings, dental amalgam is composed of a mixture of metals like tin, silver, copper, and mercury. This combination has been used by dentists for over 100 years because of its long-lasting durability and cost-effectiveness.

As the years have gone on, however, patients have increasingly requested a more natural look. This is where composite resin fillings come in. Here at Precision Family Dental, we only offer tooth-colored fillings for our patients so you can feel confident when smiling or talking.

Composite fillings are becoming the primary choice with regards to fillings but why exactly are they better than the traditional option?

In this blog, we’ll look at the advantages and what you can expect during your procedure.

How are These Fillings Different?

The most common alternative to dental amalgam are composite resins which are usually referred to as “tooth colored” or “white” fillings due to their low-key appearance. Consisting of an acrylic resin reinforced with a powdered glass filler, composite fillings provide proper durability and can be used on either front or back teeth.

Just like dental amalgam fillings, the composite resin alternative is perfectly safe and will remain strong for years to come.

Composite Resin Advantages

Compared to their classic counterpart, composite resin fillings stand out as hands down the better choice if you want your smile to look as natural as possible. No shiny metal or apparent cavity fill here. Aside from the obvious benefit, you might be wondering what the other advantages of this filling alternative are.

Well here are just a few to keep in mind:

  • Unlike metal amalgam fillings, they do not contract or expand with temperature.
  • Composite fillings are strong as well as very durable.
  • Your risk of secondary cavities due to possible movement of fillings is greatly reduced.
  • Minimal removal of healthy tooth structure required during placement.

Remember that the most ideal situation to be in is one in which you do not need fillings of any kind. Dr. Piotrowski recommends that you routinely brush, floss, and come into our office every six months for a teeth cleaning.

How Composite Resin Fillings Are Applied

If it is determined by our dentist that you do indeed require a tooth-colored filling for a cavity, it’s important that you know generally what you can expect during the restorative dental procedure.

Before we get started, the tooth will need to first be numbed with a local anesthetic and once the area in question is properly numb, we will keep moving forward and use a dental drill to remove the decayed tooth structure. Next step, restoration.

Once the cavity is removed, the composite filling will be applied in layers and each layer will be light cured, or hardened, with a special dental-grade light device. With the material in place, Dr. Piotrowski will form the resin to firmly fit your tooth.

Voila! These simple steps will culminate in composite resin being perfectly blended to fit in with your natural enamel color. Goodbye cavity, hello healthy and confident smile.

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Let’s be honest, no one likes having cavities filled. However, if you find yourself in the position of needing the procedure, our restorative dentistry team in Grand Rapids, MI, has the natural looking alternative for you.

Dr. Piotrowski will work with you to restore your smile in a smooth and painless way each time you come into our office. Please do not hesitate to see us if you think you may be experiencing a dental emergency.

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